Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bell & Pot Café Kitchen, Dublin

This cute and quirky breakfast, brunch and lunch café is a real find! Nestled in a pretty hidden spot right behind the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, beside the Travelodge hotel, I never even knew of its existence until Rory from the Eat Drink Run Fun blog and Niamh of Gourmet Grazing recommended it as a weekday breakfast spot in the heart of the city centre.

The Bell & Pot is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm and its breakfasts are top notch. I was catching up with my sister, after she arrived into Dublin airport on the red eye flight and before we were due to hop on the one of the yellow ducks and do the touristy thing around Dublin. The café had a lovely chilled vibe and there was a nice amount of people tucking into some tasty food, which gave the place a relaxed and welcoming buzz.

Cute and comfy furniture and décor

The furniture is a little mismatched, with a kind of whimsical  feel. The cups, plates, saucers and even jugs are pastel coloured and really suit the ambiance. It is a place you could go on a dreary afternoon, solo, with a book, or just to people watch, and enjoy one of their highly recommended scones and a big cup of tea. It is equally good, as I discovered myself, to while away some chill out time while catching up on news, chats and banter.

Top: Pastels are in!; Bottom: The great and very reasonable breakie menu from 7 am

And so, to the food... I chose the buttermilk hotcakes with fresh banana, strawberries and maple syrup. These were a mixture between American style pancakes and a flat cakelike treat. They were luscious and dripping in delicious maple syrup. I couldn't even finish all three, and I am seldom beaten by a good breakie.

Buttermilk hotcakes is a breakfast made in heaven!

M went for the appealing sounding "Dr. Pot's Green Eggs" and yes, this a healthy breakfast the doctor ordered, but with no compromise in the flavour department; it tasted amazing. I tried a good mouthful! This dish comprised a slice of granary bread, with spinach, avocado and scrambled eggs served on top, and with basil feta on the side. It is a winning combination of flavours on one plate.

The Dr. Pot's Green Eggs - delicious!
If you're on the hunt for a breakfast in Dublin, any day of the week, Bell & Pot is definitely worth a try. I am quite certain you will be impressed. I love a good breakfast and, for sure, this is my new favourite place!

The Bell and Pot Kitchen Café,
3 Mercer St., Dublin.
Twitter: @thebellandpot
Facebook: /thebellandpot

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