Thursday, 4 September 2014

#BPBR - An Introduction

So I have come up with a new idea for the blog, which I am on planning on writing about over the coming months, until Christmas all going well. So what is #BPBR? Well, it means Bullet Point Book Review. Not long ago I was doing a bit of rejigging on the blog, looking over my about section and so on and I noticed I haven't done anything in the line of a cookbook review yet. I have a mighty stack of the things and just added four new books this past summer. So it's time to remedy that. My first #BPBR will be up on the blog tomorrow.

See can you guess which one of these books will be the subject of tomorrow's first #BPBR?!
But now, to explain the format.

Firstly, the title, author and publication year of the cookbook will be stated.

Next, there MAY occasionally be what I would affectionately refer to as the 'spiel' (pronounced 'shhpeel'). This is pretty much Irish for preamble or introduction. A bit of babbling on about where/when/how I came to possess this particular book, what it means to me and any other entertaining, intriguing or useful little tidbits of information. I will put the spiel in italic font, so feel free to move right on to the vital information in the bullet points if you choose.

Now, the main part of the review will consist of five bullet points, which are illustrated below.

  1. The photography in the book - I think it's true to say that eye-catching, interesting and memorable food photography plays a massive role in our attention to a food based book, programme, blog etc. I am by no means an expert, but what I like, I like, and I will happily give my own opinions on this element of my chosen cookbooks.
  2. The writing - this is the area where I feel most at home. I love to write and enjoy reading others' writing too; their witty little phrases, their individual style and especially how a chef or foodie's personality really shines through when their writing is sincere.
  3. General likes - in this part of the review I predominantly will look at recipes I have tried and liked, as well as a few other bits and pieces that I felt were positive and deserving of some praise.
  4. General dislikes - I am naturally an optimistic kind of person, but there are often things that might strike you as odd or just downright silly in a book. Sometimes, recipes might not work (gasp!). If there are things I genuinely feel were on the negative side, I will mention them here.
  5. General conclusion/summary, including an overall score.
Parts 1 and 2 will also receive a score out of 5. Parts 3 and 4 will receive a combined score out of 10, depending on the balance or imbalance between the likes and dislikes. Then in part 5, I will be able to give the overall score for the book out of 20, as well as neatly changing it across to a percentage.

Confused yet?! Hopefully things will become clearer when the first real #BPBR is up on the blog tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming #BPBRs. Please feel free to comment on my posts and let me know what you think, especially if you have the same cookbook and want to give your own review. Cookbook suggestions are also appreciated but I can't guarantee I can validate buying any more for at least a couple of years... (I mean months) ((I mean weeks)).

As always, say hi on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Till tomorrow!


  1. Great idea! I look forward to this, love reading cookbook reviews on Amazon (I know, I'm a loser!)

    1. I know you're a big fan too - so we can be losers together! Got very excited by cookbooks again over the summer when I bought four new ones ;-)