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Hi, I'm Nollaig...
wife - mother - sister - daughter - cousin - friend - teacher 
- homecook - home baker - foodie - travel fan - languages lover
 - still learning - you only live once - Ireland - Europe - Earth

Hello, welcome and thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy checking into the blog and feel free to get involved and join in the foodie fun. Well, I am a lady with a love of and FASCINATION for food that started as early as pre-birth I’ve been told. My mother craved the best of smoked salmon throughout her pregnancy apparently! As a toddler, I loved nothing more than munching on home grown vegetables. Growing up, I ate all and everything supplied to me and adored observing the goings on in the kitchen, as well as getting stuck in and helping out with cooking and baking. As a teenager, I began to cook and bake myself far more frequently, taking inspiration from the ladies, for the most part, close to me who had given me such a love of and a joy in creating and enjoying an array of tasty and interesting edibles.
Now, I hope to share the pleasure that food brings with this website. I am an amateur homecook and home baker. Sometimes things go wrong in the kitchen, but nothing that practice can't help improve. What has worked for me, I am happy to share with you. I love to eat out and enjoy writing about and sharing my personal thoughts and experiences of restaurants and foodie experiences both at home and abroad. I adore food writing, recipe books and food programmes, so occasionally a bit of scribbling on this subject features here.  I love wine and, in my very plain and simple way, I like to talk about wines I've enjoyed and what foods they work with.
Do have fun reading the blog and  feel free to be friendly and interact. I sincerely hope you enjoy sharing in many fun adventures and explorations with my fascination - FOOD!

Should you wish to contact me for any reason, here are my contact and social media details:

Email: fascinationfood @ gmail . com

Twitter: @fascinationfood

I will leave you with one heartfelt quote from my favourite foodie -
"Food isn't just love, food encompasses everything: it may be only a part of life but in an important way it underpins the whole of it."
~ Nigella Lawson, Introduction to "Feast", 2006

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