Monday, 30 June 2014

Freshly Spiced Indian Lamb & Dublin Cookery School

Two summers ago I attended a week long course called 'Cooking for Friends' at Lynda Booth's Dublin Cookery School. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, worthwhile and fun learning experience. Their tutors and equipment are second to none and it is a fabulous foodie alternative to a typical holiday, or a means to keep out of trouble if you're as lucky as I am to have a long summer of two months off work!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Foodie Meetup in Dublin - House and Opium

I have wanted to go on a foodie meetup for some time now. When myself, Kate (of Kate's Kabin) and Carol (of Gin & Griddle) started discussing it a month or so ago, I was delighted to be getting things in motion. It is a wonderful thing to meet up with like minded people, and let's be honest, for a few foodie snaps to be celebrated rather than receiving the rolling eyes! Unfortunately Carol couldn't make it but hopefully she will for the next one. We had a small but great all female bunch of food bloggers, reviewers and nutrition students and graduates - all proud and happy to go along with the foodie label.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kids' Simple Chocolate Top Hats

Hello, welcome to June and welcome to summertime! It's hard to believe that in summer 2013 I started this blog and it won't be long at all until baby blog turns one! How times flies when you're having fun. But for now, on to celebrations recently passed.