Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kids' Simple Chocolate Top Hats

Hello, welcome to June and welcome to summertime! It's hard to believe that in summer 2013 I started this blog and it won't be long at all until baby blog turns one! How times flies when you're having fun. But for now, on to celebrations recently passed.
Just over a week ago, we celebrated a First Communion and I got the opportunity to recreate one of my favourite childhood party treats. These were a staple at our family gatherings and a hot favourite with all the children (and many ex-children too I'm sure...).
They are so simple, so quick, truly yummy and a perfect home baking activity for children too. Here's what you do...
You will need: Digestive biscuits, milk and/or white chocolate, marshmallows and some chocolate sweets or jellies. Smarties are perfect.
To assemble the "top hats": Melt the chocolate and spread this lovely liquid generously on top of the biscuits, add a marshmallow to the centre to create the hat effect. Add a little more melted chocolate on top of the marshmallow and top with a sweet. Decorate with as few or as many more sweets as you like. Allow to set and your party treats are good to go. Now all that's left is to join in and enjoy the fun!


  1. Never heard of top hats, what a brilliantly simple idea!

  2. Holy crap I remember eating those at parties as a kid. I would pick off and eat the smarties first and then devour the rest of them. It's so strange the things you remember from childhood isn't it?

    1. I think childhood food memories are possibly the very best ones!! (My trick was demolishing the marshmallow first!) Yum ;-) Really enjoyed finding out about and checking out your blog too by the way.