Monday, 9 June 2014

Foodie Meetup in Dublin - House and Opium

I have wanted to go on a foodie meetup for some time now. When myself, Kate (of Kate's Kabin) and Carol (of Gin & Griddle) started discussing it a month or so ago, I was delighted to be getting things in motion. It is a wonderful thing to meet up with like minded people, and let's be honest, for a few foodie snaps to be celebrated rather than receiving the rolling eyes! Unfortunately Carol couldn't make it but hopefully she will for the next one. We had a small but great all female bunch of food bloggers, reviewers and nutrition students and graduates - all proud and happy to go along with the foodie label.

We enjoyed a few pre-dinner drinks - wine, G&Ts, ciders and cocktails from the extensive drinks menu in House on Leeson Street. The setting was beautiful. We were seated in the outer glasshouse part at the back of this gorgeous venue around a large and comfortable table on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. I chose a lovely, light and fresh Pinot Grigio - an usual choice for me but I couldn't resist a cool drink as the weather was so warm and sunny. I also tried a Gin Mare with tonic, which was tasty, but I have a feeling it needed another garnish instead of just your regular slice of lemon/lime.

We were certainly hungry once our little walk brought us to Opium on Wexford Street for the main event of the night - dinner! I have a few photos to share of the delicious food, a little darker than I'd like so my apologies on that score. The venue is minimalist is style and very suited to a group get together, as was evident from many of the other tables around us. The place is buzzing and we only had our table for 2 hours as they had a later booking, which was a little constraining timewise, but understandable too given just how popular the place is. I chose Gyoza as my starter - very tasty and a nice size as a starter. On Kate's recommendation and because it sounded so yummy, I chose the Lamb Claypot (massamam) as my main. This was fabulous. There were whole roasted cashews in the sauce and the potatoes were halved baby potatoes, which still retained a lovely bite. I got brown rice on the side, which was cooked perfectly and soaked up the sauce very well. My dessert, which I couldn't resist, though I was very full, was flourless chocolate brownie with peanut butter cream pie. Mmm! To wash down the meal, we chose a lovely bottle of Argentinian Malbec. The pricing for food is rather good, with starters mostly priced around the €8 mark, all mains under €20 and all desserts at €5.95. I did have one cocktail after dinner, the Gin and Giner Lassi at €9.90, which was very tasty but quite sweet so I was happy with just the one.

The most important thing was that our first foodie meetup was a great success and a big thank you goes to all those who came along to meet a new fellow foodie and enjoy an evening of good food and drink and plenty of fun. Let's hope it is just the first of many!


  1. Sounds like a great night! Good on you for organising it.

  2. Thanks Donna. We had a lovely time. If/when the next one happens, you should come along! It was a great experience chatting to fellow bloggers and foodies :-)

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