Monday, 28 July 2014

Beeftro, Dundrum

This restaurant has been on my list for quite some time. Tough life working through that list...! Many foodie friends have both spoken about it and written about it on their blogs. Instagram pictures have tempted me. Foodie tweets have allured me. Then there's beef in the title and when Irish steak is good, it is a meal that is really hard to beat. Eventually off I went to pay a visit and see for myself. That long awaited visit materialised on a Wednesday evening as a time out on a little summer shopping trip with my sister.

As we were dining early in the evening, it was such good value and had ample choice for both of our tastes, we opted for their early bird, priced at €19.50 for 2 courses and €24.50 for 3 courses. Our only little disappointment came in the fact that the moules frites is no longer available, although it was still online on their website as a menu option. However, the early bird has sirloin steak for mains; we were sorted! E went for chicken wings to start, followed by the steak and I decided against a starter and instead went for the steak with a salted caramel, honeycomb and pecan sundae to round it off.

When you enter the restaurant, there is a lovely warm ambiance to be felt. Deep red colours, minimalist but appealing steak house decor, with a little bit of a French theme going on, apparent in pictures on the walls and soothing background music. The wait staff are attentive, very friendly and professional. There was no hurry placed upon us at all. The chicken wings starter was placed centre table with extra wipes left for the grubby fingers. An extra spoon was provided without us even asking for it for dessert. There is a sense of calm and that the place is run well and from the moment you arrive and until you depart, full and happy, you get that same sense too.

The chicken wings (I had to try one of course) were tasty and had a nice kick and my sister commented that they had a lovely amount of sauce. Dipped in the accompanying blue cheese dip, they were very tasty indeed and a great start to the meal. Both of us devoured our steak, which came served with their house sauce - a smoked mushroom sauce. It was delicious! The fries on the side were just to my taste - nice and deep golden in colour and really crisp. The sundae was a small but perfectly formed and really tasty dessert. The combinations of the carmelly flavours and pecan nuts worked a treat. We both left full, very happy and all chatted out.

I plan to return to Beeftro again to try out their à la carte options, and maybe even indulge in a glass of one of their wines.
You can check out their website here or phone them on (01) 2988874.
If you've been, do share your thoughts and experiences here in the comments or you'll always find me on Twitter and Facebook for a bit of a foodie natter. Now to the foodie photos...

Starter of chicken wings
Main of sirloin steak, house sauce and fries
Delicious dessert - salted caramel, honeycomb and pecan sundae

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